Monday, 5 February 2007

Wrap blouse cutting out

I have started cutting out the wrap blouse. Just to make life difficult I've decided I want to have:-
  • the longer bodyshape
  • the 3/4 sleeves with cuff (may morph the cuff to be a split no button cuff)
  • the collar
  • the wide ties ( double layer, not single layer as theirs)
this is a combination of several views which will make construction more difficult.
I have run out of time for tonight, but got DH to confirm which he thinks is the right side, so tomorrow I can cut out the fronts in single layer.

I have more than 5 metres of this fabric it turns out so more than enough for this blouse the gore skirt and maybe even a scarf or shell top.

P.S. The photo several posts down therefore turns out to be of the wrong side of the print fabric.

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