Sunday, 25 February 2007

Culotte pants/Gauchos/Cropped pants are completed

The culottes are finished. I have no idea the proper term for them these days, culottes, gauchos, cropped pants. Either way they are done.
They are hemmed so when worn they are 33 inches long, the same length as my best skirts.

Having made them though they either seem quite fashion forward (and I'm not sure I am really) or quite dated (like I enjoyed wearing culottes in the 80's and I'm so glad they are back in again).

Whilst its cooler I shall wear them with knee high leather boots and a sweater, and when it warms up with sandals and a tee instead.

They are however a SWAP extra, and so I haven't really moved forward in that side of things.

Under the window in the sewing area I have a small chest with cushions on top (for a feline friend to lounge on) where I keep the SWAP projects not yet started. I removed a some fabrics which were part 2 or otherwise not suitable, but left myself a couple of options as to which tops I am going to sew. I also had a bit of a tidy up of patterns etc so the general sewing area is looking more useable.

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Ryan said...

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