Thursday, 22 February 2007

Pic for Audrey

As requested by Audrey here is me wearing the gored skirt with the wrap blouse.


Summerset said...

Fantastic! I've just been catching up on Artisanssquare, and the top is lovely, but really looks fabulous when it's in a complete outfit! The necklace is perfect, too!

Anonymous said...

The colours go together perfectly! Looks great together. Will you show photos of the jackets (at least the fabric, maybe together with these fabrics here) you are considering?!

audrey said...

The blouse and skirt look even better than I imagined! Love the boots and that color looks great on you! The cami is a good idea, which I never would have thought of. My wrap blouse slides around too. I put a clear snap at the place where the two front pieces overlap. It looks great when I stand perfectly stil but pulls when I move.