Saturday, 10 February 2007

Sidetrack again

Complete sidetrack today as I bought 5 New Look patterns (they are on sale at £2.95 each at the moment in the UK) from the Widnes Sewing Centre, plus 2 metres of print stretch knit in turquoise/green/brown/gold which might well work with my SWAP.
And onto Borders at Speke where I got the current Burda Magazine (they had Threads and Sew Today as well but I wasn't thrilled by them).
The patterns Dress 6674, Skirts/Pants/Culottes 6626, Top and Skirt 6546, Dress 6429 and Skirt 6177.


Stephanie said...

Hi Ruthie,
I was wondering, how do you put the photos of your swap pieces in the sidebar? I only know how to put them in the body of the blog.
I like how it looks over there.

RuthieK said...


I use the following 'Manage Blog', 'Layout' then on the right hand side I choose 'Add a Page Element'then I choose the option 'Picture' complete the Title and caption and upload the photo from my computer and click 'Save Changes'.

I wanted a sense of how the SWAP collection is building up as I sew.

Stephanie said...

Thank you Ruthie, I think it's very cohesive. You can really see where your going. Otherwise you end up with SWAP scattered all over your entries and it's hard to see the plan working.