Friday, 23 February 2007

The jacket options

Morzel asked 'Will you show photos of the jackets (at least the fabric, maybe together with these fabrics here) you are con- sidering ?! '

Here's the RTW jacket with the funny curved lapel and the partly made jacket.
the RTW jacket would need the collar altering and new non glitzy buttons, the UFO jacket needs completing.
Either would be fine with all the other SWAP pieces.


Marji said...

Ruthie, did you make the solid blue blazer? Also, what fabric is the jacket that is partially made? it looks really interesting.

RuthieK said...

No thats a RTW piece I already have where I would change the lapel shape as I think it is old fashioned and not flattering to my face. Its an alternative jacket for the SWAP, and although I'd alter the collar it would count as my purchased piece.
The other is the partly made jacket I originally planned for the SWAP, a UFO from several (about 5?) years ago which if I used this as my jacket would have to be the 'previously sewn' item as at least parts of it were previously sewn.