Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Wrap top being worn

Here's the Jalie wrap top being worn with the Loes Hinse 6 gore skirt. I had my eyes shut so I cropped my head off - anyway it helps you concentrate on the clothes!


Lorna said...

That's a much higher wrap neckline than I'd visualised from the hanger pic. Thanks!

RuthieK said...

Hi Lorna, Yes with a body in it, it sits much better which was one reason I did the shot. Also these are the two patterns I bought from Julie, so its my qulaifying entry!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ruth, your outfit looks fabulous! I love teal anyway (are you sure, you´re are a autum type? Teal looks so good on you as seen in the picture shown on your profile! ;) )... What kind of fabric did you make the skirt of? You probably mentioned it and I missed it. Is it a knit? I draped beautifully, now I´m in thoughts of how I can reproduce a skirt like that...!

Anonymous said...

I´m sorry about typing errors, and it´s not me draping but the skirt...:)

RuthieK said...

Morzel I love teal and it is in the Autumn palette at least the one i have.
The skirt is the Loes Hinse 6 gore skirt with 6 godets and is in a drapey woven fabric. The warp and weft are different colours one black one teal, giving a dark teal look. I think it is some sort of polyester viscose mix.
I'll post a pic of the skirt on its own. RuthieK