Friday, 2 March 2007

Culottes being worn

Here are the culottes (also known as cropped pants or gauchos) in action. Worn with dark brown boots and teal sweater.


Marji said...

Cute gauchos! I especially like the invisible zipper *wink wink*. You can't see it at all ;)
Seriously, that is a nice look on you.

Laura said...

Wow, they look very nice on you, Ruthie! I like them with the boots.
I think the fabric is pretty drapey, isn't it?
Laura Lo

RuthieK said...

Thanks Marji, one of the best invisible zipper insertions I've done to date.
Thanks LauraLo. Yes the fabric is pretty drapey, a viscose polyester mix I think.
I was going to wear these to church today but they are too big now. I must have fitted them on a fat tummy day. I may run a little bit of elastic through the back waist to allow for fat tummy and less fat tummy days.