Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Butterick 3344

My knit top from Butterick 3344 is not going well.
Its huge and baggy. I think I basically cut too large a size - the shoulders hang off me and the body is shapeless. The whole front sits OK if I put a 1 inch pleat down the centre front. So I think I need to redo everything but the neckline(which has been redone once already). Well actually the neckband looks too wide as well.
I love the fabric but there is none spare so I have to be careful.

Maybe I will work on the jacket a bit and come back to this top another day. I will take the sleeves off, make the shoulder narrower, reattach the sleeve and trim some off the sides of the body (more from the front than the back) and see what that is like.

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