Monday, 5 March 2007

New Fabric

I went to the fabric store this weekend and they had lots of stuff at £1 and £1.50 a metre.
So I picked up a white stretch shirting with turquoise and dark brown stripes which will be fab for a blouse for the SWAP.
Also a dark brown stretch woven with self fabric stripe, a suit for another day - maybe a new SWAP another time.
And several fabrics in denim/khaki colourways to make summer pants. I added to this pile from my fabric stash as well. I want some pants for my trip in April/May to Arizona and then for casual wear through the summer here in England.
My most comfortable and well fitting pants are PJs, so I will make elastic waist pants for daytime wear. The idea is to make quite a few pairs of pants and wash and wear them all before deciding which ones will be softest and least creasing to pack for the trip.

However I need to make some SWAP tops first, so I've put the pants fabrics away for now.

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