Thursday, 15 March 2007

wore the brown print top

No photos sorry but I wore the brown print top today with a previously sewn grey green wide leg pant suit and chocolate brown accessories. I liked it very much. The top was very comfortable to wear and tucked neatly into the belted pants.

I know some SWAPpers don't wear any of their SWAP clothes until the whole SWAP is complete and photographed, but I just love wearing my new things as soon as I can. I haven't worn everything yet but I am working up to it! Let's hope I don't spill anything and make a stain that won't come out.

This weekend is the last one I will have to sew as I have other committments the other weekends until the SWAP finishes. I am still finding it hard to be focused and follow everything through. Its fine when the garments go together smoothly but I am easily discoraged by poor fit or construction problems. However with 8 garments sewn I am so nearly there I just need to persevere a little more.

Then with the SWAP done I need to move on to some Vacation sewing for Arizona in late April, so time is short.....

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