Saturday, 27 January 2007

Teal pants in process

I went back to the store where I bought the dark teal fabric to try to buy some more, but we were unable to find it. They admitted it might be there but they have no idea! They pulled down the ones which looked nearly right and I checked them out - no luck!
In the end I bought 3 small print remants, 2.5 metres of a black silk mix with self colour circle pattern destined for pyjamas and 3 metres of a toning teal fabric which I will use to make the gore skirt. An expensive lesson in calculate the meterage before shopping!

On a plus point I have started sewing the wide leg teal pants, and that is going well. I need some new ones of these in my wardrobe. The last pair were worn on a trip to see DH's sister and family, where I did crafts with 5 yr DNiece resulting in glitter paint on my pants which would not wash out! My fault for taking the craft set as a gift which contained the non washable paint.

I wonder if I could get some culotte pants (gauchos, cropped pants) out of the leftovers from the original teal fabric. The pants pattern has a cropped length which I have cut out before but never sewn up. I loved culottes when they were in back in the 80's and would like to wear a slimmer cut version again now.

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