Thursday, 18 January 2007

Orange blouse progress

See the photo of the now OOP New Look 6315, this was produced in 1994 when sleeves were looser and shoulders wider (fits me perfectly avoiding having to make a fat arm alteration). I have basically cut view B (on the far right) only with short sleeves as I was a bit limited on fabric, but in a size 18 so doesn't look quite as slinky as the drawings.

Progress has been slow sewing up the orange blouse as I have carried on being ill, but today I started to feel a little better and tried on the partly finished blouse to see what the fit is like. The back fits very nicely and I think it will work best as a light summer jacket over a camisole top though it can be worn alone as a blouse.

I marked the button cord loop placements, cut the lengths and fray checked the ends of the cords ready to apply soon.
I have some cord left over and some scraps of the fabric and they are saying floral applique to me. Maybe a tote bag or plain skirt...... something like this gorgeous skirt from Monsoon (

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