Tuesday, 2 January 2007

Another divert and then the orange blouse

I am back to work tomorrow, but over the next few evenings I hope to finish off another mostly finished pair of pants in brown with ivory pinstripe which would also co-ordinate but is not on the plan!
My orange blouse (part of the plan) is all cut out and I now have thread to match for serger and sewing machine so I think that will be the next item to sew. I resisted the call of some lovely faux leather in my stash, which wants to be a fitted waistcoat it says, as I can't see what occasion I have to wear a faux leather waistcoat!
After the pants and the orange blouse I think my next move will be the dark teal pants, skirt, print blouse (and non SWAP Part 1 Print skirt), and then the jacket......

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