Thursday, 21 December 2006

Wore the first garment today

I wore my reversible skirt today (no I can't wait until the SWAP is all finished) and two things occurred to me 1- its still WAAAAAAAY too long and 2- I don't like the just serged hem it has currently, so will need to think up some sort of more finished hem treatment that looks good from both sides. I have some fringing I made from the selvedges so I am thinking of turning up a hem which just looks like a stitched hem from the dark side, but has the fringe or other trim coming out of the hem the other side I dunno I will try some samples first. Another option would be a shaped piece applied to the hem in the same way I did for the elastic casing. Any ideas?
I'd like to keep the dark side fairly plain and classic, but I am OK with something more 'interesting' happening on the other side.

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