Sunday, 8 April 2007

Almost done...

We just got back (8:30pm here) from spending the Easter weekend with DH's parents, but I took my SWAP jacket with me and finished some bits of handsewing whilst watching TV, so only needs buttons and loops and I am declaring that the SWAP is done. MIL and DH's Auntie were in awe of the whole SWAP thing which was a nice feeling when my stuff is so plain compared to lots of the gorgreous stuff out there.

I will retake my photos tomorrow against a plain white sheet and send the photos over to Julie later on in the day.
I'm then away from home with work for two days so it makes a good deadline to finish them by end of Monday.


Susan said...

Your SWAP items look great! It'll make a wonderful and comfortable working wardrobe.

julia said...

Ruthie, I'm not only in awe, but I'm inspired! Congratulations on finishing up a beautiful wardrobe and good fun and health wearing it!